“Test Success!” recommended in new, helpful, hit book

perfect-score-projectWhen Test Success! was published in 2012, a press kit was sent out and numerous requests for  information poured in. One came from someone name Debbie Stier, who wanted to interview me. I wasn’t sure if she was connected to a newspaper, a magazine, a radio show or TV program. Turned out: none of the above. She’s an author and a Mom who was neck-deep in writing a book herself. And not just a book, but an unusual, multi-year project:  dedicating years of her life to taking, and retaking (seven times!) the SAT so she could see what it takes to get “the perfect score.”  Debbie is a “mom-with-a-mission.” Her teenage son was SAT-eligible, and, in a most unusually empathetic move, Debbie’s way of supporting him was to go through the same process herself.  Our interview was pointed, lively and, two years later, Debbie’s book, The Perfect Score Project,  is now out and garnering a lot of attention.

On her website page, “Reducing Test Anxiety” she starts off like this:

Start with the following: Buy the book Test Success by Dr. Ben Bernstein. It’s filled with practical techniques that show how to recognize the signs of, and how to combat test anxiety. Dr. Bernstein’s suggestions include breathing and relaxation exercises, uncrossing your arms, keeping both feet on the ground, etc. Definitely worth reading.

Thanks for the recommendation Debbie. I can’t wait to read your book. Stay tuned for my blog post on it.

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