The tale of two students (part 1)

goal_settingI’d like to share with you the experiences of two students: one who is working at succeeding and the other who is not.

The first student — I’ll call her Aly — is determined to score well in her college level courses and is doing what’s necessary  to make that happen. The second — I’ll call her Erika — wants to score well but she’s often distracted and her grades are sub-par.

What’s going on?  Aly is focused, Erika is not. Focus means having a goal and taking actions that get you to it. That’s what

Aly is doing. She sets herself a task and she accomplishes it.  Each task that she accomplishes lead her closer to her goal of getting good grades.  She stays on the path and if she veers off it she gets back on and keeps going. Erika– who’s got the same amount of brain power as Aly– winds up checking email, or talking on the phone, or watching TV when she knows she should be studying.

In the next posts I’m going to go into more depth about these two scenarios.  But to start: which one do you identify with– Aly or Erika?

Here’s some hope: even if you are way off the path, you can always get back on it. You can succeed. How?  Stay tuned!

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