Reducing test stress: make the model your own

Charles make the model his own

Charles make the model his own

Want the best way to reduce your test anxiety?  Personalize the training model I present in the book.

I gave a talk at Oregon Health Sciences University, School of Dentistry, last week and one of the 3rd year students, Charles Nguyen, took the 3 legged stool and ran with it.

He made it about EBT (Evidence Based Dentistry), with the “legs” an integration of (1) clinical evidence, (2) clinician expertise, and (3) patient preference and needs. When all three legs are strong you get excellent health care.

When a student understands and appreciates the model and makes it his/her own, it means real learning is taking place.

Charles used his 3 legged stool in a class presentation (the same students who had been at my talk). By seeing what Charles did with it he inspired all of his fellow classmates to personalize it in their own way.

Here’s the test prep tip: if you want to reduce your test stress and lower your test anxiety, use any of the tips I offer here in the blog, and in the book, in a way that applies to your life. Then you are making sense of what you are learning in a way that will help you in your life.  It’s the best way to learn and consolidate that learning.  Make it useful to you, for you!

How are you personalizing the tips and tools?  Which ones are you using and how are they working for you?

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