Ask for the quiet you need with confidence

I climbed into a taxi after a hard day at work. The driver gave me a friendly greeting, but something was wrong — for me.  The volume of the cab radio was up, way up.  I was looking forward to a quiet ride back to the hotel. This was anything but.  What should I do?

There was a time when I was afraid to ask a taxi driver to turn the radio down or off (“It’s their cab!”). But I got over that: why be afraid to ask?  So I did, and I do, and for the most part taxi drivers comply, though a few give me the “I’d rather not” vibe.

This driver turned the radio off. The cab was quiet. I settled back in the seat and let go of the day’s cares.

The morale: do what you can to achieve the quiet you need.

And if the driver had said “No!”?   Well, there’s always another taxi. I look at it as a learning moment. A moment to build confidence. A moment to turn away from the mental chatter that disconnects me from my spirit.





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