Test stress and life purpose

SunflowerHave you ever wondered what the purpose of your life is?

Common answers are “success,” “happiness” or “satisfaction.”

While these are all worthwhile goals, here’s what I have come to believe: the purpose of your life is to face every challenge, every test, as a chance for you to become the person you are meant to be.

Life is a test for you to become your highest self.

When you want a flower to grow in your garden, you go to the nursery and buy a packet of seeds. You can see exactly what you’re going to end up with because there is a beautiful color picture of the fully-grown flower on the front of the packet.

But when you open it, what do you find?

Tiny black lumps that look like mouse droppings. Does that discourage you? No, because you know what these seeds are meant to become.

You set up the environment for the seeds to grow. You prepare the soil.

You plant the seed, and then make sure you give it the right amount of sunlight and water. When that tiny seedling finally sprouts, it is delicate, and you protect it andcare for it until it grows into the flower it is meant to be.

I believe that somewhere inside you there is a seed packet with your picture on it, a picture of the fully realized you.

It’s not easy to grow this flower. There are endless challenges along the way. But when you face them, you learn from them and you grow with them.

Through this process, you grow into the flower in full bloom.

Flowers cannot become fully realized unless they push their way up through the soil and compete for sun and space with other plants.

Our conditions aren’t much different. We have to find our way in the world, and all along we face tests of physical illness, mental troubles, financial reversals, unfulfilled expectations and loss.

Here’s a helpful exercise to start your day: close your eyes. Breathe out three times. Look into a mirror. See there your highest self, your shining self, you at your best. Notice what that looks and feels like. Listen as your highest self gives you a message. What is the message?  Create a bond with your highest self. This bond can be a gesture, words or a feeling. Know that it is your intention, determination and responsibility to nourish and protect that bond.

The great sunflower photo is from www.FreeFoto.com

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