4th Grader benefits from test prep book

Agnes, 4th grader, uses The Workbook!

Agnes, 4th grader, uses The Workbook!

At our Chinese-American Thanksgiving feast, our cousins Tommy and Daisy told us about their fourth-grader Agnes, and how she’s using THE WORKBOOK FOR TEST SUCCESS. “She’s going through the checklists and thinking about herself and checking off things,” Tommy told us.   While the book is written for high school and college students, knowing that a younger child finds it relevant is great news. Many parents of young kids are buying the book because they (the parents) want to know how to help prepare their children for all the pressures of test-taking and especially to help reduce test-taking anxiety.  If the book can help teach effective study skills also to a 4th grader, we’re delighted!

As a matter of fact, I wrote a chapter especially for parents. so this is not a test prep book only for students. I want parents to have the help they need to guide their kids through the treacherous terrain of test taking.

Let us know your stories about younger kids and test-taking anxiety, and how you teach them effective study skills.

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