Do you have test anxiety?

Do you have test anxiety? Are you stressed out when you have to take a test?

I would like to encourage anyone to let me know their experience with test stress and test anxiety. I would like this blog and website to be a resource for people: students, parents, teachers and school administrators and counselors.

Yes, we are selling my book from this website; but the real purpose of The Workbook is to provide valuable and necessary tools for people to deal with test stress, which is so prevalent in our culture. The book is not only for students, but for teachers, parents, and school administrators. It seeks to correct the lopsidedness of test preparation, which is all focused on content. The Workbook focuses on the you, the test-taker, and what you need to make the testing experience one that is empowering rather than debilitating.

When do you experience test stress? What effect does it have on your performance? on your life?

Do you have test anxiety?

Do you have test anxiety?

By sharing your story — and receiving a response– you could be helping many many people.

I encourage you to write in.  Thanks!  Dr. B

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