Providing hope and guidance to succeed

Local Oakland Social Issues Examiner and education blogger Jen Slusser is on the lookout for things that make a difference in education. I was fortunate to meet her at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast. She was most interested in the book and wrote a very positive short article about it.

Here’s Jen’s article:

I went to a Chamber of Commerce event about social media. I got dragged there by my job. Anything to get out of the office, right?

I arrived in Oakland and helped myself to a way-too-small-tea-cup of coffee. I enjoyed drinking my caffiene and just watching others mingle. There is something reminiscent of my days in Los Angeles in this room. It’s that incessant ‘selling’ of oneself. I observe this parade of adults smiling and introducing themselves for no other reason than to find that odd instant when pushing a business card at this stranger feels only mildly offensive. Shamless.

I tuned out and doodled on the napkins, awaiting the speaker – set to begin within five minutes. That’s when I heard the dull and rapid thud of a keypad next to me. I turned to find a gentleman on his laptop preparing a digital document to take notes for a lecture. Aside from a few “what did he say’s?” in the course of the presentation, Ben and I didn’t have a chance to talk. Just afterward, however, we introduced ourselves. I liked him right off the bat because he was easy to talk to.

We spoke about the world we live in, all that is wonderful about it and some of what is miserable. What we found is that we both shared the desire to shed light on possibilities, opportunities and successes. One such success is his book. (see image above). I was fortunate, after he and I spoke, to receive a PDF of his book for review. If you haven’t heard of him, consider yourself informed. My impression of him is that he is a man of quiet and passionate service. He provides hope and guidance to succeed.

Get the book. Read it. Then pass it on to a dear friend. Make sure your kids get their hands on it too.

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