Test anxiety? There's help. Just ask.

Let go of suffering: you have options!

Something came across my desk today which I want to applaud and call your attention to. It’s a posting by the McNamara Academic Center at the University of Minnesota with helpful tips for test anxiety.

This kind of help is so useful for two important reasons: (1) it’s sound advice, and (2) it shows that there is help and you don’t need to feel alone if you are suffering from test anxiety.

I encourage you to take advantage of the resources that are out there already. Definitely click on the link above and download the pages from UM.  Look into your school’s learning center and see what resources they are offering. If your school isn’t offering any, get them on the stick!  At the very least get them to buy my book (click on the link on this website). Though to some it might look self-promoting i truly believe i have something helpful to offer.

You do not have to suffer. Get the help you need.  Just ask.   And thank you to the folks at the McNamara Academic Center. Keep up the good work!

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