Success Training for Test Takers

From Dr. Bernstein

Hello and welcome to my website.

There are people who freak out on tests and people who simply want to do better. If you’re in either group—or somewhere in between—you’ve come to the right place.  I offer one-on-one coaching to reduce your test anxiety, build your self-confidence and enhance your ability to focus.

In addition to test takers, I also coach individuals who are facing a variety of performance situations such as athletics, music and dance, as well as those who have to give class or public presentations.

Test takers include

  • High school students:  preparing for the ACT or SAT,  and/or are having difficulties with school subject tests
  • College students: taking GRE, LSAT, DAT, MCAT, etc., as well as issues related to ongoing tests in college subjects
  • Graduate students: preparing for oral presentations and exams
  • Professionals: preparing for qualifying and licensing exams

Other performers include

  • Athletes
  • Musicians
  • Actors
  • Dancers
  • Presenters and public speakers

Coaching programs: features 

  • Individualized.  We target your specific issues about test performance.
  • Begin with a consultation and assessment. We review your test-taking experiences. I ask you questions about how you experience test stress. A simple self-diagnostic questionnaire will give us valuable information about what you need in order to reduce your test stress and improve your performance.  
  • Goal oriented.  We set goals according to your needs.
  • Skill building.  Sessions are geared to you learning specific tools to be calm, confident and focused.
  • Include various forms of contact.  We meet in person and over the phone; sessions are supplemented with email and text messages.

To determine how coaching can help you please contact me via email or call me at 510 654 2298 to set up a free phone consultation.


Take some time to explore this website.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you!