"How do you become confident remembering a great deal of material?"

I did it!

Why is this such an often-asked question?  Because many people experience the same thing: feeling not-too-confident about remembering lots of information as test-time comes approaches.  The answer to “How do you become confident….”  is simple You become confident in anything by taking small, manageable steps. Think about how a baby learns to walk. She doesn’t drop out of the womb and run  across the room. Not a chance. She lays on her back, turns over, gets up on all fours, crawls, slowly lifts herself up holding onto something (or someone), takes tentative steps, falls, gets up, takes a few more steps, falls again.  And this takes months and months. All this is on the way to having confidence.  Confidence is not just a mental action or a feeling, it’s a direct result of what you do, the consistent, directed actions you take.  

If you want to feel confident about remembering a great deal of material follow these guidelines:  (1) learn the material in small, manageable bits. Do not wait until the last minute!; (2) keep going over the material– always add new stuff to old; and (3) always start with the harder stuff. People who are concerned about not remembering things keep repeating the easiest material and then…. they run out of time.  Small manageable steps + time + practice =  confidence.


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