Gear Up for a Great Start



If you want to get off to a great start this year answer these three questions:

(1) What are you looking forward to?

A particular subject?  Seeing an old friend?  It’s good to register what you’re happily anticipating. Why? Because these are the things that will charge your jets if you start feeling stressed out (see question 2).

(2) What would you rather avoid? 

These are the things you want to be aware of right from the get-go — because they form the “cracks” where stress can build very quickly. Remember: we feel stressed when we disconnect. If there’s a subject you are not looking forward to, best to get clear about it now so you can plan to deal with it properly rather than pretend it will go away (it won’t — see question 3!)

(3)  Balance your weekly schedule.  

Make sure your weekly schedule balances activities that are enjoyable with those that are less so. Every time you sit down to study you should include a mix of things that are more challenging with those that are easier. Always start with the things that are more challenging. Same with balancing your study time with “down time”—build in time to take breaks, but only after you study.

The way to get off to your best start is creating balance in all areas. Questions about how you can balance yourself? Email     Dr. B (click “Contact” on the home page).

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