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The coaching relationship: a partnership like no other

The coach is there for you

The Olympics give us a marvelous, first-hand glimpse into a world that we do see that much of:  the partnership between athlete and coach. Sure,  during non-Olympic years the TV carries many images of football and basketball coaches on the sidelines– cheering, shouting, cajoling, and standing by every play and call as the athletes they train are performing. But what about individual athletes?  We almost never see their coaches except at Olympic time.  When the gymnast dismounts the coach is right there with a big bear hug (“You did an amazing job!”) or a consoling arm-around-the-shoulder  (“I believe in you”).

One of the most most talked about coaching relationships is the one Michael Phelps has with Bob Bowman, his coach since Phelps was 11 years old.  As ESPN reported, thei relationship is not just athlete-coach, it’s also “parent child, business partners, best friends.”  What makes this relationship Read more ›

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