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Balance: Untying the knots of anxiety

Are you all tied up?

As I write this I am in south India at an Ayurvedic retreat.  Ayurveda is the oldest system of healing arts known to man. It dates back thousands of years to the writing of the Vedas, or ancient texts.

One of the pillars of this remarkably comprehensive and far-reaching system is to establish and maintain balance of body, mind and spirit. Since this corresponds so directly with the work I do as a stress psychologist I want to take a moment, at year’s end, review this foundational aspect of good health.  Let’s start out with  Read more ›

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It's OK not to know

A young girl was brought to me because she was failing in math. Her parents were concerned that she wouldn’t get admitted to the competitive middle school to which she was applying. And there was also another potential problem: the interview. The girl, I’ll call her Amy, tended to shut down with strangers.

Sure enough, she wouldn’t talk to me.

OK, I thought, now what? I saw Amy eyeing a set of colored markers Read more ›

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Guiding Light for Test Prep

After the days have gotten shorter and the nights longer we move through the winter solstice. The days begin to lengthen. More and more light comes in, slowly, little by little.

Christmas and Hanukah celebrate light:  Jesus, the light of the world, and the Hanukah, the eternal light in the holy temple.

What does this light mean to us?  It is the light of our spirit, the sustaining force that gives us each the illumination and power to clear Read more ›

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Chewing gum reduces test stress!

According to a new study, mild activities, like chewing gum, before a test can be helpful in improving test performance.

Comparing the effects of chewing gum before or during various testing situations, researchers found that performance on a battery of cognitive tasks improved for those who chewed gum for five minutes before a test, compared with those who didn’t

A report on the study said that scientists “believe the benefits of chewing Read more ›

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The tests in prison, part 1

I am on a trip to Hong Kong and India and have been reviewing my work over the past year.

One of the most profound experiences I had was a trip in November to Umatilla, Oregon– which is in the eastern part of that great state. Beautiful plains and rolling hills. Horses, cattle, cowboys. Still the west and some of it wild.

The purpose of my trip was to raise funds for a scholarship program at the Two Rivers Correctional Institution, a state prison in Umatilla.  About a year ago one of the prisoners received a copy of my book and he and I have been in correspondence since. He was part of a state funded program to see some prisoners through an academic program leading to an associates degree. That was, until the Read more ›

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