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5th graders prepping for SAT. Really?

The right answer? Strengthen yourself.

The Silicon Valley Mercury News today published an article today about the SAT and ACT. Author Purvy Mody starts off by saying “The words SAT and ACT can conjure anxiety for even the most academically confident student. Standardized testing has become so talked about and so prepared for that I have heard of fifth-graders enrolling in SAT prep classes — something I am highly against.”

5th graders prepping for the SAT?  AYK?  (are you kidding?)

Mody ends the article with this: “Take a class if you need the structure, or get the official books and practice on your own. Whatever method you use, the most important thing is Read more ›

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When the Doc gives you a prescription, take the medicine

I recently had a Skype session with a client in Asia. He is preparing for the GMAT as he wants to go to business school in the US.  A very bright guy who suffers terribly from performance anxiety.  We made great progress in the Skype session– I was able to observe and point out to him the various things he was thinking and doing that were adding to his stress. now this is a great example of why some people might need personal coaching besides reading the workbook. okay, back to this GMAT guy.  I taught him the tools he needs for reducing the stress so he could improve his performance. They are all based on the nine core tools in the book. All I do is tweak them, fine tune them for his specific needs. The difference, during the session, itself, was noticeable.  Great!  But wait. Now comes the next important part. Read more ›

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Staying focused and the power of the spirit.

Dr. Joy Magtanong-Madrid

Yesterday my wife and I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Commencement ceremonies for the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. One of the students who graduated, now Joy Magtanong-Madrid, DDS., was a student several years ago in a post-baccalaureate program in which I was the performance coach.  There were 12 students, like Joy, who had all recently received their bachelor’s degree, and had wanted to go on to dental school, but didn’t get in anywhere they applied. They then applied for the post-bac program, which was a year to get their grades up and improve their scores on the DAT.  What an amazing group of people!  I loved coaching them. Why? Read more ›

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Graduating? To be in the present.

Now what?

I am thrilled to be receiving graduation invitations from students I’ve coached over the years. Suddenly (to me, not them!) they’re finished with medical school, or dental school or college, and about to march down the aisle (the graduation aisle, not the wedding one).  Yet for many this very happy is clouded by the uncertainty of what is coming after graduation.

One of the things we don’t generally teach — from kindergarten through graduate school — is how to be in the present. And yet, that’s precisely the skill we need to need to navigate
the rough and testy waters of uncertainty graduates are plunged into. Being in the present Read more ›

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