“Test Success!” recommended in new, helpful, hit book

perfect-score-projectWhen Test Success! was published in 2012, a press kit was sent out and numerous requests for  information poured in. One came from someone name Debbie Stier, who wanted to interview me. I wasn't sure if she was connected to a newspaper, a magazine, a radio show or TV program. Turned out: none of the above. She's an author and a Mom who was neck-deep in writing a book herself. And not just a book, but an unusual, multi-year project:  dedicating years of her life to taking, and retaking (seven times!) the SAT so she could see what it takes to get "the perfect score."  Debbie is a "mom-with-a-mission." Her teenage son was SAT-eligible, and, in a most unusually empathetic move, Debbie's way of supporting him was to go through the same process herself.  Our interview was pointed, lively and, two years later, Debbie's book Read More